At WorkDB, we offer high-quality IT consultancy, focused on objective and effective solutions for technological innovation.

Data Engineering

At WorkDB, we offer Data Engineering services that drive innovation and operational efficiency in your company.


At WorkDB, we offer development expertise to deliver code-on-demand solutions tailored to your business needs.


GuardOn is your ultimate solution for continuous monitoring and real-time insights. Keep the health of your technological environment under control 24/7.

IT Infrastructure

At WorkDB, we offer robust and scalable IT infrastructure solutions, optimized for efficiency and security.

Get to know GuardOn, the exclusive monitoring tool.

  • 24/7 technical monitoring of your environment.
  • With a focus on the health of your environment (database, servers and applications).
  • Information via a real-time dashboard and monthly reports.
  • Over 400 environments already been monitored by GuardOn.