Continuous Monitoring and Real-Time Insights

GuardOn is a continuous monitoring and real-time insights platform designed to optimize the health of your technology environment. With features that include complete visualization of your stack, intelligent automation and monthly reports, GuardOn is an integral part of WorkDB’s family of IT solutions. It can be integrated with a wide range of databases, servers and applications that make up your environment.

24/7 monitoring

Uninterrupted technical monitoring of your environment.

Real-Time Dashboard

Visualize critical metrics and indicators instantly.

Monthly Reports

Receive detailed analysis of your environment’s performance.

Wide Coverage

Over 400 monitored environments.

Why Choose the GuardOn?

GuardOn is not just a tool, but a complete solution that adapts to your specific needs. With over 700 customers and more than 80 certifications from the world’s leading technology providers, WorkDB guarantees that you are in safe hands.

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