Case Study

FVO Alimentos

The Challenge


FVO Alimentos, a leader in pet food and snacks in Brazil, was facing critical challenges regarding the security and administration of its IT environment.

Key issues

  1. Compromised Security: Vulnerabilities in the IT environment.
  2. Inefficient Management: Failures in the management of resources and operations.

The Solution

Data Engineering

Solution Migration to AWS

  • WorkDB conducted a complete migration of FVO’s technological environment to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • Method: Use of data migration tools and configuration of EC2 instances.

Cyber Segurança

  • In-depth analysis of existing vulnerabilities.

  • Measures Adopted: Implementation of data encryption, access control and firewalls.

The Results

Infrastructure and Security

  • Modernization of the technological infrastructure.
  • Implementation of robust security.

Performance metrics

Cost reduction


Reducing the risk of intrusion and security breaches



The partnership with WorkDB has enabled FVO Alimentos to overcome its IT challenges and achieve a more secure, efficient and cost-effective operation.