Case Study

EVI Technology

The Challenge


EVI Technology, a Brazilian company specializing in efficient road logistics, was facing significant operational and technological challenges.

Key issues

  1. Shortage of Qualified Technical Labor: Limitation in the execution of specialized technical tasks.
  2. Information reliability: Compromised data quality due to outdated technological architecture.

The Solution

Software Factory


  • A team of seven professionals from WorkDB was assigned to the project.

  • Method: Agile development and implementation of software engineering best practices.

Data Engineering

Data Validation and Enrichment

  • Improvement in the telemetry service, responsible for data enrichment.

Modernizing Architecture

  • Data engineers and developers at WorkDB led a modernization effort.
  • Measures Adopted: Implementation of Elastic on AWS, replacing the legacy architecture.

The Results

Automation and Efficiency

Implementation of exclusive algorithms and business insights tailored to EVI’s needs.

Performance metrics

Reduction in processing time


Savings by adopting serverless architecture​


Telemetry data sets

300.000 records per month


Collaboration with WorkDB has enabled EVI Technology to overcome its operational and technological challenges, resulting in a more efficient, reliable and cost-effective operation.